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The reason why this product is so popular - simply because it's high quality at a low price.

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Super-Beam Emergency Tactical Torch

The reason why this product is so popular - simply because it's high quality at a low price.

Let's face facts - we all want a reliable and strong tactical flashlight when the time arises.

No one wants to tolerate a cheap, weak beam of light.

We want one that's built to last - Military grade and can handle being dropped, kicked, run-over by four (4) ton airplane and more

Higher value - most of the high-quality tactical flashlights on the market are above $50 and some about $100.

Every bit as strong and durable as the top brands - for less than half the price!


Product Features:

ULTRA BRIGHT - Super-Beam Emergency Tactical Torch is one of the best, brightest, and most powerful flashlights on the market! It packs a 140LM for a distance of 525 feet.

LONG RUN TIME – 5hrs under high mode, 10hrs under low mode, batteries Included!

WATERPROOF & SHOCKPROOF - Our design is waterproof, IPX4, and shockproof, making it perfect for rainy nights or emergency use during a flood. It is safe, long-lasting, and designed with versatility in mind!

WHAT'S INCLUDED - Super-Beam Emergency Tactical Torch, Two C Batteries, Durable Plastic Carrying Case.

DURABLE & VERSATILE - It is extremely durable, and is constructed of extra tough, military grade material. We even ran it over with a box track and it still works great! It is incredibly versatile, and even great for self-defense! Use it while camping, hunting, hiking, during power outages, emergencies, and more. Keep it in your kitchen cupboard, or add it to your emergency kit. It is so useful!


  • Flashlight Beam
  • Distress/Emergency

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