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Handsome Tactical Torch

$49.99 $29.99

Every bit as strong and durable as the top brands, for less than half the price! 

  • Flashlight
  • Distress/Emergency
  • Military-Grade Durability+

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Handsome Brands Expandable Garden Hose


New Handsome Man Super Expandable Garden Hose 50ft with Brass Fittings & Spray Nozzle 

(Indestructible double latex interior/exterior webbing strongest, on the market) 

  • 50ft Heavy duty garden hose with brass couplings 
  • On/off valve  
  • Lightweight will not twist, tangle or kink 
  • Indestructible double layer latex core 
EAN: 00850005599470 SKU: Expandable Garden Hose and Nozzle Category: Tag:
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Handsome Carbon Fiber Pen


High-end race cars, performance bikes, and even spacecraft – carbon fiber = modern luxury and durability!

Super lightweight, extremely strong and high luster – the perfect pen!

Our Price: $79.99

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HB 8.6 Feather Weight Climb Telescoping Aluminum Extension Ladder

$129.99 $89.99

The HB 8.6 Feather Weight Climb Telescoping Aluminum Extension Ladder will change the way you think of DIY projects!  

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