Handsome Pool Mat Self Inflatable Pool Float

HB Pool Float

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Kick back and relax this summer in this self-inflatable Handsome Pool Mat.  

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Handsome Brands Pool Mat Self Inflatable Pool Float

Kick back and relax this summer - in the self-inflatable Handsome Pool Mat.  


This raft-mat is made with a durable, eco-friendly nylon fabric - that is typically used to make tubes and rafts, so you can rest assured that you will have long-lasting floating fun! 

The sturdy nylon pillow logs and heavy-duty vinyl raft bottom work together - to provide you with comfort that will take you to the ultimate level of relaxation.  

Product Features:

    • Self-inflatable
    • Easy to carry
    • Portable and comes with a handy travel bag
    • Safety tested for materials and plastics

    To inflate - you can use the wind! 


    On a semi-windy day - open the fasteners and hold the compartment open and towards the wind.   


    On a less windy day - you can self-inflate by running!   


    Once air has been captured - simply fasten the sides. 


    A floor, box fan or even a leaf blower - can be used as well. 


    This super-durable pool float - is ideal for individuals who are 13 years or older and has a 440 pound weight capacity.  


    Inflated size - 78x25x6 inches

    *Pricing is subject to change.

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