Growing up, we wanted to be popular. Athletes. The cool kids. And in our minds we were….That was a long time ago. However, we still want to be cool, rugged, adventurous. We want to be strong, attractive and healthy. In that quest, it was our mission to develop and find products for adults that embody the coolness “we believe” we once had. Outdoor, fitness and lifestyle products that will help us be cool again, but in an adult action hero kind of way. The type of products that men, dad, grandfather’s want and the kind of products wives, girlfriends, sons and daughters want to gift.

Sometime inventory is tricky and we are left with low quantities of great products. We will do our best to always supply adequate inventory at fantastic prices.

Our products are new and unopened. We offer major international brand name products as well as lesser known but high quality brands as well. Everything we sell has a 30-day hassle-free return policy.

So browse our products and rest assure that all of your purchases are encrypted and secure. Make a guy a Handsome Man.

Steve & Duke
Handsome Brands